Our Mission

Inspiring, equipping, and sending people as disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

Our Vision

Discovering Our Call in Community

We all seek meaning and purpose in our life. We believe God has called all of us as individuals to glorify and reflect our Creator. Together, through the Church and within our communities, our unique callings and identities are combined to do even greater things than any of us can imagine. Our vision is to discover our individual and communal callings within the communities where God has placed and sent us. Join us as we live out this vision where we live, work, play, and love our neighbors.

Inspire - Equip - Send

Core Values

  • Communion

    • We seek to cultivate spaces to be transformed by the all-consuming love of Father, Son, and Spirit. Communion incorporates our everyday lives and moments as authentic worship. We seek to root our identity in God’s incarnation, submitting ourselves wholeheartedly and seeking to discern God’s voice in community by creating intentional, rhythmic, and relational spaces.

  • Transcendence

    • We seek to embrace diversity and empty ourselves of things that separate us. Jesus transcended ethnicity, race, culture, sexuality, gender, etc. Because of Jesus, we are no longer strangers and aliens, but citizens and members of the same household of God (Eph. 2:19). Being in the same house, through shared life and experiences together, we step away from our rampant schedules and our like-minded tribes into a space of togetherness where we can learn how to embrace, appreciate, and deeply love one another like Jesus. 

  • Co-Mission

    • We seek to carefully, unassumingly, intentionally, and selflessly plant seeds of love around us beginning in our own communities. Jesus constantly compares the kingdom of God to that of small things like a simple seed (Matthew 13). Our communities humble us and reshape us for the glory of smallness and faithful presence. This is the first place God invites us to gain eyes to see and ears to hear the kingdom breaking into the world. We seek to build concrete practices that disciple us deeper into the garden of our neighborhoods and beyond with the intent to multiply.