Our Approach to Being the Church


King of Kings Dulles South is not your typical church. We’re OK with that. We envision being less like a corporation and more like a community, less like an institution and more like a family. You won’t find a plethora of programs, the latest fad or trend, nor the perfect worship service. Instead, you will find people gathering regularly in their own neighborhoods learning how to love one another, growing with one another, being on mission together, and loving the communities where God has placed us. In this, following Jesus remains central in our life together.

Missional Approach

Our approach to developing a new community of faith is focused more on regularly “being” the church rather than occasionally “doing” church. Instead of attempting to grow as fast as possible by finding a cool worship space, recruiting a great worship band, and marketing relevant sermons, KofK Dulles South is purposefully taking a different and more non-traditional route. We aspire to create a church culture that capitalizes on our desire to be in regular community with each other versus gathering people into a worship space to primarily sit and spectate. Church should be more than attending a building to check a box on our ‘to do’ list. We are the church and are purposefully sent and rooted in our neighborhoods for a reason. Therefore, we will slow down for the work of intentional discipleship, fostering relationships in our neighborhoods, and orienting around a shared-life in community. A larger worship gathering will eventually develop, but Sunday is not our primary focus as much as being the church every day of the week and sharing in life together in Missional Communities.

Missional Community

A missional community is a mid-sized group, 20-70 people, expressing their ‘sentness’ together in specific spaces and developing communal practices and rhythms. These shared actions help shape and form our people and communities to become more like Jesus and the early disciples. The intent of a MC is to assemble together at different times throughout the month, developing rhythms of life with each other, that help live out the good news in their lives, communities, and neighborhoods. Think of a group of people getting together regularly for communion (centering ourselves on God), community (sharing life with one another), and co-mission (being sent into the world). These rhythms are defined by the missional community as they continue to grow together in discipleship, worship, service, mission, rest, and fellowship. Together, the MC fulfills Jesus' mission of being disciples who make disciples in their specific missional space where God has called them.

Missional Spaces

Our MC’s identify missional spaces, which is a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and incorporate into the community. These spaces can be a neighborhood, marketplace, school, community, or any network of relationships. For example, some MC‘s may choose to love and serve local schools, community organizations, local workplaces, relief shelters, first responders, etc. We want to see the places we live, work, learn, and play blessed by God’s people on God’s mission. This is at the heart of our Missional Communites.