KKDS Collective

KKDS Collective is our first Discipleship Community in the Dulles South area. It is called collective because we are people coming from all walks of life to form this new faith community. Many of us, but certainly not all, have a church background but have felt that the church should be and is so much more than what we have encountered in the past. As a result we are coming together as friends, families, individuals, and strangers to dream of Church as a lived out community. Below are our monthly gatherings. Please email us if you have any questions or visit Upcoming Gatherings for more information.


1st Sundays

Every 1st Sunday of the month we will gather at the Dulles South Community Center for a time of contemplative spiritual formation and to further our discipleship journey. Our contemplative time will vary month to month to include yoga, music, meditation, Scripture reading, or worship. Our time of discipleship will provide a space to explore, learn, and grow in faith together.


2nd Sundays

Every 2nd Sunday of the month we will gather for worship at the Dulles South Community Center. This allows us to center our community around our loving Creator, celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We share God’s Word and we tell stories of how God is at work through us. We celebrate through art, music, and presence at the table. We pray together, share peace with one another, and find hope. This is a time to intimately commune with God, one another, and celebrate that we are deeply loved.


3rd Sundays

Every 3rd Sunday we gather to serve our neighbor, both locally or beyond, as well as develop our own community. These gatherings will vary each month to include community service projects, cross-generational events, or ways to deepen our sense of belonging with one another. To learn what the gathering will be each month, please join our email list, contact us, or just keep checking our upcoming gatherings.


4th Sundays

Every 4th Sunday, we come together for good food, meaningful conversation, and authentic community. We gather at the Dulles South Senior Center at 5:00pm, center ourselves around tables to share a meal together and have a faith-based discussion. Prompts will be offered for guided conversation, but one can participate as much or as little as they want. We will have a special guided conversation just for children as well. Everyone is welcome and a modest donation is welcome to help cover the cost of dinner.


5th Sunday

Because we like to have fun, every 5th Sunday we gather for great social outings. These can vary from a team trivia night, holiday party, or an international food festival. This is a space where everyone can just hang out, feel loved, and experience awesomeness with diverse people. This is also the easiest way to get connected to our community and be entertainment too!